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The Seattle-Mombasa Sister city Association was chartered by the mayors and citizens of the two cities on April 6, 1981. The Association is comprised of persons of diverse interests and backgrounds who have come together to:

  • Support educational and cultural exchanges between the two cities;
  • Encourage and promote international understanding and goodwill;
  • Encourage an appreciation of pluralism; and
  • Promote trade and tourism beneficial to both economies.

Seattle web site

Mombasa web site

The Association has provided a number of opportunities to explore African life and culture. In concert with the Seattle Art Museum, the Association sponsored several art exhibits including the Katherine White collection and African Panoplies. The savanna at Woodland Park Zoo is dedicated to the Seattle-Mombasa relationship. On several occasions, the Association has hosted the Mombasa Mayor and Town Clerk and the Kenyan Ambassador to the United States.
In 1988, the Mayor of Seattle and Association members were the guests of the Mayor of Mombasa and presented the citizens with an aid car. In addition, books and school supplies were sent to Mombasa, and pen pal exchanges between Seattle and Mombasa school children were initiated.

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